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What Is the Difference Between Infrared and Red Light Therapy

woman using red and infrared light therapy

You’ve probably heard of red light  and infrared light therapy and wondered what they actually do? Despite their similar appearance with red glowing lights and their shared use of light for therapeutic purposes, these treatments are distinct. As these treatments gain popularity, many are left wondering about their true benefits and safety. If you’re one … Read more

HIIT Pilates: Sculpt, Tone, and Burn

Woman doing Mountain Climbers during HIIT Pilates

You know how an espresso shot hits you right in the soul? That instant jolt, the rev-up you didn’t realize you needed? That’s HIIT, a turbo-charged burst of exercise that gets your heart pounding. And it’s growing in popularity as people realize the benefits of HIIT and look for ways to add it to their … Read more

Is Pilates Good for Runners?

At first glance, Pilates and running might seem worlds apart, but you’d be surprised at how much they have in common. This low-impact exercise is a powerhouse for runners with freakishly complimentary principles. Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment—all essential for efficient running. By incorporating Pilates, you’ll not only enhance your running … Read more

Lagree vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference?

Lagree vs Pilates

You might have heard whispers about this new Pilates-like workout craze but packs a much bigger punch. It’s called Lagree, and while some fitness buffs claim it’s a whole different beast, the similarities can’t be ignored. If you know a little about Reformer Pilates, you’ll find Lagree intriguingly familiar yet refreshingly different. Often linked with … Read more

Reformer Pilates: What is It and How is It Different?

When Joseph Pilates first introduced the world to his fitness philosophy, the Reformer machine was right there with him, a core part of his vision. Today, while many might first imagine mats when they think of Pilates, the true aficionados know that the essence of Pilates lies in the innovative resistance of the Reformer. This … Read more

The 4 Most Important Types of Exercise

Staying active isn’t just about keeping fit—it’s about keeping your entire life in balance. From boosting your mood to improving your health, exercise plays a pivotal role in enhancing your overall quality of life. But with countless workout options out there, how do you choose the best ones for you? In this guide, we’ll dive … Read more

Pilates Body vs. Gym Body: Which Fitness Style Aligns With Your Personal Health Objectives

Pilates Body vs Gym Body

In the diverse world of fitness, Pilates and gym workouts are two realms that often intrigue those looking to reshape their bodies and enhance their health. Each has its advocates and distinctive benefits, from sculpting lean muscles through Pilates to building strength and endurance at the gym. This article compares these two popular fitness strategies, … Read more

Swedish Ladder Exercises: Wall Bar Workouts For All Levels

Exercises on Stall Bars

In a world of high-tech gym equipment and gadgetry, the Swedish ladder—also known as a gymnastic ladder, wall bars, or stall bars—often goes unnoticed, yet it remains one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any gym. Invented at the beginning of the 19th century, this minimalist yet powerful tool has served various users … Read more

Types of Pilates Equipment and Machines

Pilates machines and equipment

When you think of modern Pilates, your mind might first wander to mats and minimalistic routines, but the heart of Pilates lies deeply rooted in its array of distinctive apparatus and equipment. Originating from designs that may seem almost medieval at first glance, each piece of Pilates machinery was meticulously crafted with purpose and intention … Read more

TRX Pilates: Where Suspension Meets Precision

Using TRX for Pilates

TRX, meet Pilates. Pilates, meet TRX. You both share a lot in common, and it’s time you were properly introduced. Both of you take pride in strengthening the body through controlled, mindful movements. While TRX challenges us through bodyweight resistance, emphasizing full-body engagement and functional fitness, Pilates focuses on precision, core stability, and fluidity.   … Read more