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TRX Anchoring Ideas: Official to Improvised

TRX Anchor Ideas

Suspension training hinges on proper anchors, and what better place to start than TRX’s recommended options – but let’s not limit possibilities. Using core TRX guidelines around weight ratings and secure structural mounting, we can safely explore creative anchor alternatives tailored to personalized spaces and budgets.    Below we list not only the robust TRX-recommended … Read more

TRX vs Resistance Bands: Which Training System is Best For You?

TRX vs Resistance Bands

When it comes to getting fit at home without expensive equipment, two options stand out – TRX suspension training and resistance bands. These portable systems provide extremely effective workouts. TRX leverages bodyweight exercises using straps anchored to a fixed point while resistance bands add challenge through stretch tension. Both sculpt muscle, torch fat and boost … Read more

Maintain, Don’t Gain: A Holiday Challenge

Another elf doing Maintain Dont Gain Holiday Challenge

This 7 week challenge will encourage you to maintain your weight over the holiday season!   With the holiday season rolling in, so do the extra helpings of yuletide sweets – gingerbread, sugar cookies and peppermint bark sprinkled with magic. Hearty, homestyle feasts abound with second helpings a norm, while hot chocolate and eggnog flow … Read more

Winter Training: Off-Season Running Plan

Winter Running Plan

The winter months present specific obstacles that can make running more difficult. At the same time, it’s important not to lose all the fitness gains you made during the rest of the year. With some planning and adjustment, you can maintain and even build your running performance during the winter.   Why Train Off-Season – … Read more

Does Muscle Scraping Work For Sports Recovery?

Tool for Muscle Scraping

Scraping the skin to reduce soreness sounds more like ancient folk medicine than modern sports science. But intuitive as it may be, elite athletes swear by muscle scraping’s effects. The technique purports to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and prevent injuries. The origins trace back to ancient Chinese healers armed only with basic tools and … Read more

How To Recover From Leg Day

Leg Day Workout

If you wake to tight, sore and tender muscles after your epic leg day, consider it a badge of honor—and a gentle reminder that recovery deserves your attention.   Rest is just the beginning; true recovery is a vital component of your training regimen, essential for building strength and enhancing performance. As your muscles heal from … Read more

Hang Time: Why Athletes Use Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy has gained traction for its gravity-defying approach to back pain relief and spin health, but what other benefits do they provide to athletes? Why are so many adding inversion therapy to their recovery and workout routines?    Advocates argue that hanging upside down can relieve pressure on the spine, enhance body alignment, blood … Read more

Heated Massage Guns: What’s All the Hot Buzz?

Heated Massage Gun Attachment from Hyperice

Hold up—a heated massage gun? At first glance, the idea of a percussion gun that provides targeted heat therapy seems genius. But are these portable vibrating heat packs really worth the hype? Does the science back up the claims? Let’s dive into understanding the benefits of a heated massage gun, tips on using them safely … Read more

What is a Functional Core Workout

Functional Core Workout

The core is the unsung hero of fitness. More than just sculpted abs, true core strength is the foundation for overall health, supporting proper posture, movement, and injury prevention in daily life. Yet the core often doesn’t get the respect it deserves. This article will explore the principles of functional core training – exercises and … Read more

TENS Unit for Muscle Recovery: Does It Work?

TENS unit for muscle recovery

Let’s be honest – we all want rapid relief when our muscles are screaming after an intense workout. It’s only natural we get tempted by flashy new recovery tech promising to erase pain and bounce us back in record time. Lately, those TENS machines that send zappy currents through your skin have been hyped as … Read more